Iowa State basketball star Ashley Joens working toward teaching dream

INDIANOLA — Iowa State women’s basketball player Ashley Joens stands in front of Morgan Reetz’s fifth grade classroom at Irving Elementary School in Indianola on a weekday afternoon.

Joens, a student teacher in Reetz’s room, has a projector turned on next to her as she instructs the students to grab their blue packets.

“Turn to Page 36,” Joens says.

Everyone in the 22-student classroom quietly does just as Joens requests. The star basketball player for the Cyclones is, after all, in charge. During this part of class, Joens goes over fractions with the students and using clocks on her projector as models. The students are filling in their own clocks in their packets.

“They’re doing good,” Reetz says as she watches Joens with the students from the side.

This is how Jones, one of the greatest basketball players in Iowa State history, spends her summer. The Iowa City native, who has one season of eligibility remaining and plans to play in the pros afterward, is preparing for life after basketball.

Ashley Joens, a student teacher and standout player on the Iowa State women's basketball team, waits for fifth grade students to line up for Physical Education at Irving Elementary School in Indianola on Thursday.

Joens doesn’t know when that’ll be. But she knows what she wants to do when that day comes.


“I’ve just always liked working with kids,” Joens said.

Ashley Joens has two professional goals: Playing in the WNBA and teaching

Joens started plotting her career goals in third grade.

During an assignment, Joens was asked to write down what she would be doing in 10 years. Joens can’t remember the exact wording but she can recall jotting down big goals.

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